Our Services

Solent Loans has appealing services to offer customers today. We have nothing but the best to give our clients. What makes our services the best among all online guarantor loan sites include:

  • Low Interest Rates:
    Our clients can benefit from the low interest rates charged on our guarantor loans. The APR rate is competitive when compared to all other online guarantor loan sites available.

  • Fast Loan Approval:
    We have a fast loan approval process. We do not hold on to the loan papers for more than 24 hours. We strive to ensure that the loan approval process remains instant even on occasions when there are numerous loan applicants.

  • Easy To Apply Process:
    We have a simple online application process that is easy to follow. You do not have to be tech savvy to enjoy using our online loan application features. They are instant and can be conducted from the comfort of your home. Filled forms and signed documents can also be sent to us through the online account.

  • Easy To Repay Process:
    Our repayment process is quite simple. The monthly repayment schedule sees every monthly installment deducted from your account automatically to settle the loan balance. Wishes to make an early settlement of the loan are also usually honored whenever you feel the need to.

  • All Purpose Loans:
    Our guarantor loans are awarded to individuals who have a varied use for the loan. There is no limitation as to what the loan amount should be used for. Whatever your need may be, if you qualify for the loan, you will be awarded the money.

  • Indiscriminate Loans:
    We are not discriminative as to who can be awarded the loan. Individuals who have a poor credit report can apply for our loans and get the amount needed. Also those who have no credit record as well as those who have not registered for polls can apply for our loans.