About Us

Solent Loans is a guarantor loan company dedicated at offering the best financial services to its customers. We have been in operations over years and have been able to help thousands of clients attain the loan they need at the proper time.

We have a team of qualified staff that offers help at the right time. They are equipped with all the information needed to help our clients understand best how guarantor loans work. Our client base largely consists of individuals who have a poor credit history.

We desire to help those who are having difficulty getting credit due to their past credit problems. Understanding that many with a poor credit rating may have landed into the situation as a victim of circumstances has helped us aid honest hearted individuals regain their credit worthiness and recognition in life.

Our desire is to keep focused at helping our clients get financial aid and also help those with a poor credit rating regain their foot in the credit world. We also seek to expand our services to be able to accommodate a wider client base especially through online credit services.